socket with USB charger
The ideal socket for the person who has loads of gadgets

From changing  a socket to adding a spur, I can help with most electrical work. Qualified to 17th edition of the electrical regs I’m also part P qualifiied.

So if you need to change a light fitting or a switch, change a socket or add a spur contact me and we can discuss when and how much.

I’m fast becoming a bit of a LED geek and would highly recommend that when changing bulbs you look for their LED version. They may cost a little more than a normal bulb but they use miniscule amounts of power and can last upto 35,000 hrs before needing to be changed. Most fittings are covered, from standard bayonet to small Eddison screw with GU10 spot lights and fluorescent like strip lights in-between. Lights are no longer classified in watts,  Lumin’s are the new way to tell how much light is given off and the higher the Lumin the better. To give you an example of the savings that can be made most GU10 spot lights are either 25 or 50watts. The LED versions, with the same light output, are between 4 and 6 watts and these are not effected by heat or voltage fluctuations that normally kill the halogen ones.

LED security light
LED security light

Security lights are probably the biggest power consumers in the domestic lighting market with between 150 and 500 watts being the norm. Nowadays you can get the same type of light but it uses less than 20 watts .