On this page I’ll put things that I find that are innovative in either the electrical or plumbing market. This will hopefully give you some ideas of how things work that could be useful in your home. Some of them are a bit “techie” but as I’m a bit of a gadget man I’ll probably have either already installed the item because I like what it does or I’ll be doing so in the not too distant future. I hope that you as a home owner will find it of use to you and some of these could solve a problem you’ve been having in your home .

Electrical items

socket with chargerOne of the items I’ve recently installed in my home are a number  of USB charging sockets. We now have a two of these in our bedroom to allow us to recharge our phones and Kindles and one in the kitchen and we find them very useful. They come in various guises either as a plain white single or double sockets or with metal covers with retail prices starting at around £10.

Power_Ethernet_T1501_wifi_300I also found at a recent trade show a similar device that also included network sockets and a wireless repeater. Whilst this item is currently aimed at the commercial market it can be fitted in a domestic situation however the cost is considerably higher at around £150.

Power_Ethernet_networking_465wThese devices use  your electrical cable, providing the sockets used are connected to the same distribution board, to transmit the data and using 2 or more devices you can create your own high speed network (500Mbps) in you home. The wireless devices duplicates your wireless network allowing a local room wireless network.

Many of the houses in Milton Keynes are heated using electricity rather than gas. Many of them using cheap rate electricity with

storage heaters and many of which are now in need of replacement. Whilst the concept of storage heaters hasn’t changed over the years the way they are controlled has. Dimples Quantum storage heaterDigital storage heaters are the new system. These allow a better control of the heat output and come with built in thermostats, timers and sometimes remote controls.




imagesIf, however, you need to heat you home via electricity but don’t have a cheap rate supply new electric digital heaters are also available. Again with thermostats and timers and some can even be controlled from your smart phone.

They can even look like a standard water filled radiator if that is the look you want. and there are even  towel rail radiators for the bathroom that are heated electrically.


if you’re interested in any of these items and what to find out how they could be used in your home please use the contact page to let me know and I’ll get in touch.